Engineer Development Laboratory

Engineer Development Laboratory

Engineers who can act and solve problems on their own initiative are indispensable to technology companies.
We specialize in training engineers and we support the building
of technical management systems essential for acquiring universal, industry-neutral skills and team player capabilities.

Company Profile

Name Engineer Development Laboratory
Address 4F Shiki New Town Kajima Building, 2-5-2 Tate, Shiki City , Saitama, Japan 353-0006
Capital 5,000,000 yen
Number of employees 2
Main products, processing technologies and services Enhancement of R&D capability and increased productivity by training support specific to engineers in manufacturing industry
Contact person Shuichiro Yoshida

PR message

Are you experiencing problems with training engineers or building a technical management system? We provide an industry-neutral engineer training service focused only on engineers of companies that want to strengthen their R&D capability and enhance the productivity of their manufacturing sites.

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Our consulting menu is based on three pillars: engineer development consulting, manufacturing site improvement consulting and novice engineer training.

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