GLOBAL Co., Ltd.

GLOBAL Co., Ltd.

To meet customer needs for a high level of cleanliness, we have
completed the Honjo factory, which has made it possible to create electric heating equipment in clean rooms and produce our core continuous clean drying furnaces and clean heating furnaces.
We will continue to create next-generation products such as electric heating equipment that preempts changes in the production
system for semiconductors and electronic components, and electric heating equipment geared to energy efficiency and environment friendliness.
We will also continue to acquire and apply clean heating and eco-friendly technologies and to grow as a global company that contributes to society in the field of electric heating equipment manufacturing.

Company Profile

Name GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
Address 2-98-1 Imaidai, Honjo City , Saitama, Japan 367-0038
Capital 66,000,000 yen
Number of employees 30
Main products, processing technologies and services Annealing furnaces, curing furnaces, firing furnaces and drying furnaces
Contact person Rumiko Ito

PR message

GLOBAL produces equipment used in the machining of electronic components, metal parts, etc. and provides drying,
curing, firing and annealing to meet customers' needs.

◆Top recommendation◆

Product name: Annealing furnace
- Uniform temperature inside furnace by hot air circulation via heat generating part
- Equipped with programmable controller
- Uniform temperature accuracy (5-sided heater + sirocco fan)
- Air can be vented by installing blower and forced exhaust is possible at any time by combining with programmable controller
- Exhaust can be arbitrarily controlled by installing automatic damper

Product name: Batch-type continuous drying furnace
- Uniform temperature distribution by efficient hot air circulation
- Optional installation of automatic shutter
- Workpiece transfer by combined pass-through/shuttle system
- Zones can be increased
- Exhaust duct is installed at bottom of furnace