RAN - TA Ltd.

RAN - TA Ltd.

We provide a service for conveying technical information used in industrial marketing or after-sales service and advertisements
through video content.
Our core strength is that we not only create a video to introduce
the product, but also a video manual that explains how to use or install the product. As well as shooting and editing the video, we carry out CAD design, create CG animation and provide virtual
examples of product use.
Our technical translations from Japanese into other languages
and from other languages into Japanese are also highly rated.

Company Profile

Name RAN - TA Ltd.
Address V208 IOC Honjo Waseda, 1011 Nishitomida, Honjo City , Saitama, Japan 367-0035
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Number of employees 5
URL https://ranta.jp/
Main products, processing technologies and services Our core strength is production of technical materials and advertisements across a wide range of industries including manufactured goods, medical equipment and IT.
Contact person Kazunari Uchida


PR message

In the age of advancing digitalization, the means of communicating products and technologies to users is increasingly
changing. Our tech-savvy staff will help you decide how to present your products to the market.

◆Top recommendation◆

Product appeal is greatly enhanced by communicating the movement and shape of the
product by CG animation.
If CAD data is provided, the number of modeling man-hours can be reduced.

We help manufacturers with sales promotions, from manuals and catalogues to
illustrations, CG, videos and exhibition booth layout.