Tajima Light Metal Co., Ltd.

Tajima Light Metal Co., Ltd.

Tajima Light Metal Co., Ltd. (TAC) is a pioneer in the manufacture of aluminum castings. Located in Hanyu City, Saitama, the company specializes in large complex shapes, delivering new value to customers based on experience and skills cultivated over 50 years. We contribute to manufacturing in various fields of society not just with gravity casting by sand mold, but airtight low-pressure casting, aluminum-based composites (MMC) and new high-rigidity materials.
We deliver the best solution to customers using peripheral technologies such as CAD/CAM, 3D measuring and 3D printing.

Company Profile

Name Tajima Light Metal Co., Ltd.
Address 1375 Fujii Kamigumi, Hanyu City , Saitama, Japan 348-0064
Capital 60,000,000 yen
Number of employees 90
URL http://www.tac-casting.com/
Main products, processing technologies and services Large, complex aluminum castings, aluminum-based composites (MMC), heat treatment and machining, turnover unit, 3D-CAD support, etc.
Overseas bases Liaoning Province, China (Technical cooperation)
Contact person Mitsumasa Yoshioka


PR message

We bring the potential of aluminum castings to customers' notice and provide the quality and skills to deliver customer
satisfaction. We aim to continue to evolve and become a 100-year company. Feel free to visit us anytime.

◆Top recommendation◆

We make shapes with the degree of freedom unique to sand mold aluminum casting. The photo shows the clutch case for a sports car. The manufacturing environment is controlled to the utmost degree, enabling mass production of complex thin-walled castings. We
have equipment capable of handling large components as well as a wide variety of robot arms and other industrial equipment, CT scanners and other medical equipment, well-designed building interior and exterior finishing materials, and airtight vacuum chambers
for semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment.

We meet a wide range of needs. Contact us if you want to upgrade your 2D drawings to
3D-CAD, or if you have a product but no drawings and you want to outsource 3D-CAD production. As well as cast products, we also make 3D-CAD models.
【Main Equipment】
(1) SolidWorks 3D-CAD Software
(2) 3D measuring equipment (3D scanning of actual product→CAD modeling with conversion software) ATOS Compact Scan Keyence VL-500