Technical Arts Co., Ltd.

Technical Arts Co., Ltd.

Technical Arts makes circular blades for punching and blades of various shapes. We are highly rated for the cut section, cutting
quality and accuracy of punched-out products.
As a second business, we have recently started making blades
and knives for medical use. In the medical sector, we are committed to providing easy-to-use products for users such as healthcare workers, etc. and knives and blades that impose less physical
burden on the patients on whom they are used.
We currently manufacture needles for drainage tubes.

Company Profile

Name Technical Arts Co., Ltd.
Address 5-11-19 Kita-machi, Warabi City , Saitama, Japan 335-0001
Capital 30,000,000 yen
Number of employees 16
Main products, processing technologies and services Circular punches for paper, and blades and knives for medical use
Contact person Masaki Yamagata

PR message

We aim to meet customers' needs and challenges by leveraging know-how and expertise cultivated over many years.
Feel free to contact us.

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The video showcases our products and services and provides an insight into the inner
workings of the company.

Medical puncture needles
Needles used for drainage (draining unwanted blood and other fluids from the body).
After abdominal surgery, the drainage tube is attached to the needle, the needle
punctures the body from inside to outside and the drainage tube exits the body.
Small diameter needles start from 0.9 mm. Needles are electropolished to give a mirror