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Bordering Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, Saitama Prefecture is home to about 250,000 companies across a diverse range of business sectors, including a technologically advanced manufacturing industry.
Many of the companies have expanded overseas and/or do business with overseas firms and have the capability to build excellent partnerships with companies around the world.
Saitama Industrial Promotion Public Corporation (SIPC) provides support for Saitama-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a variety of fields including overseas business expansion.
“Sai-no-kuni Business Arena”, one of the largest business matching events in Japan, is held every year by SIPC with the aim of securing orders, developing new sales channels and improving the technological capabilities of SMEs. This year it will be held online.



Overview of Saitama Industry 埼玉県産業の紹介

Overview of Saitama Industry
(Information from Saitama Prefectural Government) Go

Saitama Prefecture Leading-Edge Industry Design Project

Promoted by Saitama Prefecture since 2014, the project merges the research seeds of universities and research institutes with companies’ outstanding technologies and supports practical application, product development and commercialization in five key fields: Advanced Materials, Medicine · Healthcare, Robotics · AI · IoT, New Energy and Air · Space · Mobility. The video presents a summary of the project’ s achievements.

Introduction of companies in Saitama Prefecture 埼玉県企業の紹介

BANDO DENSEN Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of electric wires and cables
Cosmic ME Co., Inc. Manufacturing development, import and sale of medical equipment
KYOWA SEIKO CO., LTD. Production of medical equipment and precision instruments
MATSUMOTO KOSAN CO., LTD Precision metal cutting
MUSASHI OPTICAL SYSTEM CO., LTD. Design and manufacture of special optical equipment
Okamoto Co., Ltd. Precision resin and metal processing
Sayama Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Design and manufacture of precision molding dies
YOSHINO DENKA KOGYO, INC. Surface treatment (plating, heat treatment)
Name(企業名) Industry(業種)
Aqua Design Inc.(株式会社アクアデザイン) Drinking water production(飲料水製造)
GLOBAL Co., Ltd.(株式会社グローバル) Manufacture and sale of electric furnaces(電気炉製造)
Technical Arts Co., Ltd.(株式会社テクニカルアーツ) Production of medical puncture needles(医療用穿刺針製造)
TOYO YOZAI Co., Ltd.(株式会社東洋溶材) Production of welding materials and welding-related products(溶接材料・溶接関連製品製造)
SHIMADA Co., Ltd.(株式会社SHIMADA) Machining of precision metal parts(精密金属部品加工)
Tajima Light Metal Co., Ltd.(株式会社田島軽金属) Aluminum casting(アルミニウム鋳造)
RAN – TA Ltd.(株式会社ランタ) Technical document design(技術資料の企画デザイン)
Web system development(Webシステム開発)
NISSAKU CO., LTD.(株式会社日さく) Construction industry(建設業)
Engineer Development Laboratory(技術者育成研究所) Development of engineering human resources(技術者人材育成)

Organizations supporting business matching with Saitama-based companies 海外展開支援機関



Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Saitama Go

JETRO Saitama is promoting overseas business of small and medium enterprises in Saitama utilizing JETRO’s domestic and overseas networks.

Description of Support

Support for market development in the leading-edge technology field
Support for sales strategy planning, preparation of the plan, and market development, especially in the field of medical innovation, among leading-edge technology fields that are expected to grow in the future.
Attracting foreign companies and promoting interregional cooperation
Expansion of foreign investment toward Saitama and promotion of industrial cooperation with overseas based on superiority in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the cluster of high value-added industries.
Exploration of new overseas market for agricultural products and processed food
Support for marketing of agricultural products and processed food etc., that are specialty products in Saitama Prefecture.

Overseas organizations with business connections with Saitama 埼玉とビジネス交流のある海外の機関

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan Go

ITRI is a not-for-profit R&D organization in Taiwan, engaging in applied research and technical services. Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s economy from a labor-intensive industry to a high-tech industry.

Trends in Leading-Edge Industrial Technology Development and Industry-Government-Research Collaboration in Taiwan: Drones and Self-Driving Vehicles

Support for Entry into Medical Equipment Industry from Different Fields: Support for Development of Taiwan’s First Artificial Respirator by ITRI and Overseas Expansion Case Study